Home Improvement for Your Flooring

Your home is beautiful, and you want to make sure that you keep it looking that way every year that passes. If homeowners aren’t careful, they can miss the small details of their floor deteriorating. These small details can turn into big repairs when you look over these details.... [read more]

By Flooring Outlet 4-10-2019

What You Need to Know About Vinyl Flooring?

Vinyl flooring has made an uprising in many homes now a days. They become a choice pick over natural wood and tile flooring. There are a lot of pros and cons to every type of flooring. Before you make an expensive purchase though it’s best that you find out... [read more]

By Flooring Outlet 2-26-2019

How to Take Care of Wood Flooring?

There are many different types of flooring that can be put into a home. With so many different types of wood the care process is going to be different for each type. The trouble is finding what type of care is best for your wood. The Texas Flooring Outlet... [read more]

By The Flooring Outlet 1-22-2019

Best Type of Flooring When You Have Dogs

Dogs are a wonderful addition to the family. They are there for us when they are up and when we are down. They give us a furry paw to hold when we need it. However, the benefits of having dogs isn’t the only thing that you get when you... [read more]

By Flooring Outlet 12-27-2018

Flooring Winter Care

Fall means that winter is shortly to follow. This means that the conditions are going to be cold and wet. This can often have an effect on your flooring. Humidity changes and continual dirty wet water can cause your flooring to look less than appealing. Here at The Flooring... [read more]

By The Flooring Outlet 10-24-2018

How to Protect Your Flooring?

Summer can bring its own challenges when it comes to the flooring in your home. The type of flooring you have in your home will change how it needs to be protected throughout the summer months. The Flooring Outlet wants to help provide the best guidance in protecting your... [read more]

By The Flooring Outlet 7-11-2018

DIY Stair Runner

Many people look at their homes as time goes by and see how they can update them at a relatively low cost. One of these projects can be the area of the stairs. If you have wood stairs, as many older homes do, there is much that can be... [read more]

By The Flooring Outlet 4-5-2018

Pros and Cons to Slate Flooring

Slate tiles are a beautiful look in the home! Being a natural stone, it adds an earthy feel that cannot be matched by another tile type. Since it is a popular choice in many homes that are trying to achieve a down to earth feel, it is advantageous to... [read more]

By The Flooring Outlet 1-16-2018

Maintaining Your Laminate Floor

How to clean different types of floor can be tricky. Each type of material will call for a different type of cleaning. When not cleaned properly it can damage the floor. This is the case with laminate flooring. The material laminate floor is made from can easily be ruined... [read more]

By The Flooring Outlet 11-15-2017

Which is the Right Kind of Flooring for Me?

Which is the Right Kind of Flooring For me? Whether you’re fixing up a house you just bought or renovating your home, flooring is normally the first to be replaced. The trouble is what kind of flooring should you replace it with? You might have the look of the... [read more]

By The Flooring Outlet 8-15-2017