Which is the Right Kind of Flooring for Me?

Which is the Right Kind of Flooring For me?

Whether you’re fixing up a house you just bought or renovating your home, flooring is normally the first to be replaced. The trouble is what kind of flooring should you replace it with? You might have the look of the room all planned out in your mind but is it most conducive for the room and your budget? The Spruce has given a step by step guide in picking the perfect floor for each room and your budget in their article called How to Choose Flooring: A Step by Step Guide. They bring out a total of 5 questions that are important to ask in order to pick the perfect flooring.

  1. Is the room considered a high moisture area such as a basement or bathroom?
    1. Yes – The Spruce brought out that “you need flooring that is suited for a high- or medium-moisture environment, such as concrete, ceramic or porcelain tile, or vinyl tile”.
    2. No – All types of flooring are still suitable then.
  2. Is there a need for it to be durable flooring? i.e. children, pets or otherwise
    1. Yes – Factors such as children and pets call for a need of extra durability. Suitable floors that meet that requirement are laminate flooring, plank vinyl flooring, carpet, and tile that is either ceramic or porcelain. Solid hardwood flooring is one that you will want to avoid because of its easy ability to get scratched.
    2. No – If durability isn’t your chief concern then you still have all types of flooring available to you.
  3. Do you have a square footage budget?
    1. $2.00 or less – The Spruce says that “you will find bargain laminate flooring hovering around this price; nothing gorgeous but it has a general wood-like appearance. Sheet and tile resilient flooring can also be found in this price range. Lots of gorgeous ceramic and porcelain tile can be found in this range--but tile is truly a labor-intensive installation”.
    2. $2.00 - $5.00 – If you can hit this price range for your budget it’s a nice “sweet spot” because as The Spruce brings out, you’re able to get some solid hardwood and engineered wood flooring. Also included in this price range is the “more attractive laminates” and “higher quality luxury vinyl tiles”
    3. $5.00 or more – At this price range you’re able to include the exotic wood that also happens to be harder as well. In addition to this you’re able to include “the highest quality, premium laminate and luxury vinyl flooring”.
  4. Are you planning on installing the floor yourself?
    1. Yes – Some of the best floors to be able to install yourself is laminate and plank vinyl flooring. This is because both of these are floating floors. Other floors that are possible to self-install is ceramic and porcelain as The Spruce out. However, these are a little harder because you do have to level the floor out before laying the tile.
    2. No – Then you’re good to go on whatever you want to pick.
  5. How much are you willing keep up and maintain your floor?
    1. Number one concern! – The spruce says to go with tile, sheet, or plank. The second best would be laminate. However, you need to be careful how you clean it.
    2. I don’t really care as long as it looks good – Then your options are open. Keep in mind that wood is work to maintain.

Here at the flooring outlet we want you to have the perfect floor in your home. Thanks to the Spruce’s step by step guide you’ll be able to pick a floor that looks beautiful in your budget and that best fits your needs. We always have in stock the best options when it comes to wood, carpet, tile, and stone. Come check out your options here today!

By The Flooring Outlet 8-15-2017