How to Protect Your Flooring?

Summer can bring its own challenges when it comes to the flooring in your home. The type of flooring you have in your home will change how it needs to be protected throughout the summer months. The Flooring Outlet wants to help provide the best guidance in protecting your flooring no matter what season we happen to be in. We provide homes with the best flooring at the best cost. Whether you’re looking for wood flooring, carpet, or tile we’ve got it all. Not only that but we also want to give you the best tips and tricks to keep your flooring looking good.

How to Protect Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring in many ways is very easy to maintain and durable but in other ways it can be very fragile. What do we mean by that? Although it can take a crashing plate to the floor with much ease, it doesn’t do as well with sun and water. With summer here, you’ve got hot days with the sun beaming through the windows. This can cause your wood flooring to start to fade. This isn’t a big deal if you plan on never selling your home because inevitably if you never move your furniture around there will be some darker spots that don’t blend in so well with the rest of the flooring. So, you want to do one of two things, either periodically move your furniture around or make sure to keep your blinds closed. This will do much by the way of keeping your wood untouched by the sun or at least help your wood flooring to fade evenly. If there are certain parts that have the sun beaming down, then you can always just put down a rug to protect that area.

How to Protect Carpet

Carpet is a common flooring in homes. Your carpet faces damage as much as any other flooring. However, it faces much different elements than your hardwood flooring. Wrinkles can begin to develop when the humidity level increases. This can cause safety hazards for the little ones. Not to mention that it doesn’t also make the home look very appealing with large wrinkles sticking up. This has got an easy fix though. A simple investment in a dehumidifier will help make sure that the cost you spend on your carpet doesn’t amount to any more in repair costs. Another danger to your carpet could be your beloved dog. With the summer bringing heat they might tend to like to be inside where it is cool. They might get bored and take it out by chewing or digging on your carpet. Make sure to have plenty of toys and bones to keep them busy.

How to Protect Tile

Tile is durable. You don’t have to worry about it fading from the ruthless sunlight nor do you have to worry about it coming up from the floor. So how does tile need to be protected? It can be the hardest to clean. With the kids out of school there can be a lot of activities going on. Kids can be coming in and out tracking in dirt and then stamping it into the grout making it difficult to clean. Overtime your grout color can turn black. Whether the kids are inside making a mess or outside tracking dirt in there is a need for you to protect your tile. Having your tile and grout clean and sealed once a year goes a long way into keeping it beautiful and preserved.

Flooring can be hard to keep in a good condition as the years go by. That is why it’s important to know how to protect your flooring. Come in today if you need new flooring in your home. We have plenty of selections to choose from at the best price around, guaranteed! Come in and see us today!

By The Flooring Outlet 7-11-2018