Should You Put Tile of Wood into Your Home?

Nowadays, when you walk into a home chances are pretty good that you’ll see ceramic tile floors that mimic hardwood planks. These tiles have become popular because they bring the durability of tile while having the warm, natural look of wood. The question many people ask is which is better: is it tile that imitates real wood or real wood? Both types of flooring have advantages and disadvantages but deciding which is best for your family is up to you. Let The Flooring Outlet help you make the right choice when it comes to your home, whether it is tile or wood.


There are two types of wood flooring for the home. Hardwood is made from deciduous woods such as maple and oak, and softwood is made largely out of conifers such as pine. Both give a warm feel to your home. If you’re interested in a decor that makes your home look rustic or elegant yet comfortable, a wood floor may be for you. There are hundreds of types of wood that can help you achieve almost any look you desire. Wood is not only versatile but taking care of a wood floor is easy. Wood floors need to have spills blotted up right away and need to be damp mopped about once a week. One drawback with wood is many species can be scratched easily, but scratches, dings and dents are easy to fix. Also, adding sealant to a wooden floor protects it. But if you don’t want to keep on top of minor damage or refinish a floor every few years, a wood floor may not be for you.


Tile is thought to be the most durable of all types of flooring, but there is more to consider than tile’s durability. How tile fits in with the design scheme of the home is important, as is the level of maintenance it requires. What’s paradoxical about tile is that while it is tough, it is also brittle. The good news about a cracked tile is that it can be replaced, and if you have the batch number, it can be replaced with a piece that matches the others exactly.

The real problem with maintaining a tile floor is grout. Tile fired at high temperatures doesn’t need to be sealed, but grout does, otherwise it will collect dirt and become discolored. It can also crack. Grout needs to be sealed every two years or so.

By Flooring Outlet 7-3-2019